So much for hope and change: Most Americans don't believe government can do anything for them - or is likely to even try

Americans are becoming increasingly alienated from the political system with most believing that the government can't do anything to improve their lives, a new study has revealed...two-thirds said they believe that they have no say in what happens in government with 73 per cent of those who responded saying they do not believe the government rules with the consent of the people...

The new survey asked those taking part about their levels of trust in the government and how optimistic they were about the future of America. 

However, 69 per cent of respondents believed the country is on the 'wrong track' and remain negative about the direction of the country.

In addition 71 per cent also responded saying that they believe future generations will not have a better standard of life than current Americans. 

And more worryingly the survey showed that 84 per cent of people felt alienated from the political system. 

More than 40 per cent of respondents also described themselves as sad about the state of America's political system and economy with a further 65 per cent believing that politicians are now lying more and undermining democracy.

Meanwhile 59 per cent say that America would be better off all together if all elected officials in Washington were removed in favour of ordinary citizens. 

This is supported by 92 per cent of people saying they prefer ordinary citizens rather than hand-picked elites running for office. 

The poll has been commissioned by Patrick Caddell, who with a team has launched the website We Need Smith, which describes itself as a new movement to support ordinary citizens to take on America's political elites.


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