The Promise to America is six simple promises each have the support of more than 70% of voters of all parties. Finding a growing number of Members of Congress or candidates is the first important step toward the change we need in Washington. We encourage you to send the Promise to candidates running to represent you in Washington through

Who Has Made the Promise?

"I am proud of my pledge because I love my country more than I hate the other side; and the promise of SMITH is what we need to put America, and Congress, back to work."

--Kerith Strano Taylor (candidate for PA-5)

"This pledge defines what Americans need and deserve from their political leaders, be they Republican or Democrat. We need to tackle these issues together and rescue the American Dream for our children now, or it will soon be too late."

--Chris Day (candidate for NY-17)

"The people in NY20 are telling me they are tired of corrupt politicians, and a broken system, The Promise to America that I've signed will help to restore confidence in our elected leaders and in the American political system. I'm proud to join with other reform-minded candidates around the country to stand on principal and make this Promise to America. We can and we must restore confidence in our political system."

--Jim Fischer (candidate for NY-20)

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Congress is dysfunctional, do-nothing, and compromised by corruption. Our Democratic and Republican Congressional leadership has clearly failed. 

  • I will vote for new leadership for my Party in Congress (House and Senate).  We need change at the top, at the bottom, and throughout our system. Today over 70% of Members of Congress and an even larger percentage of their staffs move directly from Capitol Hill to lobbying positions when they leave office.  This only entrenches the corrupt system that the people want to end.  

  • As a Member of Congress, I pledge not to take lobbying positions in Washington immediately upon leaving the Congress.  For every year I spend in government, I will not lobby for two years, and I will insist my staff make the same pledge. The midnight deals, secret earmarks and riders are eroding Americans’ faith in our legislative system.  

  • I will support a requirement in Congress that every bill will list in plain English every “special deal,” and that every bill must be posted online for at least a week before voting upon it. Congress has not passed a budget for the United States for 2015.  In fact, no budget has been passed in years.  This is outrageous.    

  • I agree that Congress must pass a budget every year, or they will not be paid. Somehow, the elite in Washington, DC have come to believe that they can play by different rules than the people they represent.    

  • I agree that those in Congress and their staffs must abide by the same laws that they pass for the rest of the country. Every American recognizes that money corrodes our political system.  And we know that money hides behind so-called campaign finance reform laws.  

  • I agree that every group that lobbies the government must disclose all of its donors and political contributions publicly.  We do not want to limit free speech, but the people have a right to know who is speaking and exactly how much they are paying to do it.

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