75 years ago, the classic movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was released and took America by storm. It's about an ordinary man who went to Washington, took on corruption and stood on principle. We need that more than ever today.

Smith is the candidate for public office we need, but don’t yet have. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s someone you know. One thing is for sure: We Need Smith.

Smith is a new leader from outside the Washington system, who will take on the political elites and special interests, and put the American people in charge again.

We Need Smith is a movement of Americans who believe we need new leaders because our country is badly headed in the wrong direction and we are in danger of losing the American Dream for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. We can’t change anything with the usual politics, the usual politicians and the usual interest groups in control.

We hope this website will be the headquarters of this movement and provide the millions of Americans who share these views the ability to find and support many Smiths from all parties in elections across the country so that once again the American people can be the true owners of their government.  Please join with us in this great quest for our future.

What Does Smith Believe?

  • The usual politics, the usual politicians, and the usual interest groups won’t give us real change.  We need new leaders in the House and the Senate who reflect the real America. We need new leaders from mainstream America who will take on the political elites and special interests and put the American people in charge again.
  • Require Congress to pass an actual budget every year, or they don’t get paid; and require members of Congress to live under the same laws that they pass for the rest of the country. Vote to enact tough new limits on politicians and their staffers taking lobbying positions in Washington, DC.  For every year you spend in government, you can’t lobby for two.
  • Require every bill in Congress to have a list, in clear English, spelling out every “special deal.”  No more midnight deals, which no one has the time to read, to save some big corporation millions of dollars.

We Need "Smith"